• 講師のMICHAEL GROMIHA氏は、もともと物理学で博士号を取得されましたが、その後、Bioinformaticsの分野に転向され、数多くの論文を書かれております。特に蛋白質の熱力学的な安定性のデータベースである,ProThermに関わられた経験をお持ちです。今回は熱力学的な安定性から蛋白質の高次構造を議論すると言う興味深い話題について御講演をお願いしました。
  • 日時: 6/5(月) 14:00-15:30

Research Scientist, Computational Biology Research Center (CBRC)

  • Title: Bioinformatics Approach for Understanding the Folding and Stability of Proteins using Residue-residue Contacts
  • Abstract: Proteins perform a variety of functions in living organisms. The structure of a protein provides the information about its function. The formation of secondary structures and the stable tertiary structure is dictated by the interactions between amino acid residues and with the surrounding medium. The knowledge about inter-residue interactions in protein structures is very helpful to understand the mechanism of protein folding and stability. In this talk, I briefly outline the structural organization of proteins and the major interactions that are stabilizing protein structures. On this line, I introduce the classification of inter-residue interactions into short, medium and long range based on a simple geometric approach. The features of these interactions in different structural classes of globular and membrane proteins and their applications to protein secondary structure prediction will be presented. Further, the relationship between inter-residue contacts and protein-folding rates will be highlighted. Moreover, the importance of inter-residue interactions in protein-folding kinetics and for understanding the stability of proteins will be discussed.