Quantum Optics Lab (Tojo Lab)

Welcome to Tojo Lab

We perform experiments with cold atoms using laser cooling techniques, with room temperature atoms in nonlinear regime, and experiment and calculation with atoms and molecules in an optical near-field since 2012.


Recent Lab News

2018. 7.30-8.16 Mr. Junior Lukusa Mudiayi (PhD student, Université Paris 13) is staying our lab.

2018. 5.29-6.8 Prof. Athanasios Laliotis (Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers, CNRS, Université Paris 13) visited our lab.

2017. 7. 6 Our first experimental research on high phase-space density of laser cooled Rb atoms in an optical trap on "Loading of atoms into an optical trap with high initial phase-space density" was published on Physical Review A. See the link

2017. 4. 15 Our calculation research on atomic multipole transitions in an optical near field collaborated with Prof. Daniel Bloch at LPL in Paris-13 Univ. on "Excitation enhancement in electric multipole transitions near a nanoedge" was published on Optics Express. See the link

2016. 3. 25 Our collaborative research with Prof. Yatsui Group in University of Tokyo on "Optically controlled magnetic-field etching on the nano-scale" was published on Light: Science & Applications. See the research news from University of Tokyo.